James L. Beck
George W. Housner Professor of Engineering and Applied Science
Department of Computing and Mathematical Sciences
Department of Mechanical and Civil Engineering




Recent and Current Research Projects

  • New efficient stochastic simulation methods for computing first-excursion failure probabilities of dynamic systems subject to uncertain excitation and their application to seismic risk [e.g. Subset Simulation; ISEE]
  • Efficient computational methods for quantifying the effects of uncertainties in a dynamic model of a system on predictions of its response, including robust reliability
  • Stochastic simulation methods for Bayesian updating of structural models and reliability predictions using vibration data, including the case of unidentifiable models
  • Bayesian model class selection methods and an information-theoretic interpretation
  • Methods for probabilistic structural health monitoring (i.e. using vibration data to detect and assess damage in a structure caused by environmental deterioration and severe loading events)
  • Robust control methods using probability distributions over sets of possible models for a structure, with application to vibration control of buildings under seismic loads
  • A rational economic basis for performance-based earthquake-resistant design and mitigation and recovery strategies using predicted net asset value or lifecycle costs for structures

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